In Smoker’s Paradise

Least you think my life only revolves around photography, I’d like to share a little more about my interests.  Smoking food is another passion I’ve acquired and my family enjoys. I have been playing with a smaller unit over the past year and have had a blast with it. This year I decided to take my smoking a little more serious and bought a Bradley Digital Smoker. After receiving my unit this past weekend, I was amazed how easy it was to assemble and after a couple ‘seasoning dry runs’ it was time for something tasty. My wife was clearing out the freezer and we had some whole chickens that needed to be smoked. I took two chickens and halved and placed a dry rub on them. I then prepared the remaining chicken “Tandori Style’ and placed it in the fridge to be marinated overnight.

I do have to say that the ease of use and the quality of the smoke that I received was by far superior than my old smoker. The chickens turned out amazing and the family enjoyed them and look forward to tonight’s dinner. Later this evening when it cools down, I am going to attempt ‘cold smoking’ some cheese, wish me luck……

It’s a match!

The statistics are out there: one of three couples meet online. Tom and Jennifer are part of that growing trend. They met on Each of their own two children were part of the wedding party. The weather could not of been more perfect, cool and overcast. I love not having to compete with the sun’s harsh shadows. The couple requested what has become a signature shot for me, the rose petal shot. Not every location has what it needs to make the shot possible, so it’s fun when it does. The groom gave a wonderful speech during the reception in Jennifer’s native tongue, Tagalog. It really is the unique moments that set each wedding a part and give them a flair all their own. Thanks to my friend, Matt, for second shooting with me. Congratulations to Tom and Jennifer! Enjoy the memories.

When business and pleasure mix

What a blast it is to photograph friends! There is such a relaxed atmosphere when you really know the client. My wife’s best friend, Lorena, allowed me the privilege of capturing images of her darling children. The oldest, Leanna, obviously takes after her beautiful mommy while her younger brothers take after their dad, Will. I trust they will enjoy the memories I’ve captured for them. Our two families will be creating new memories with our annual trip to Las Vegas. Not everyone can mix business with pleasure, I am blessed to be able to do so. Enjoy the images!



A Grand Adventure!

Since we had ventured to Arizona, it seemed logical we should head to one of the wonders of the world: the Grand Canyon. It was a first for the whole family to stand before the glorious site of the Canyon. The first glimpse you get does nothing less than take your breathe away. It is truly awe inspiring. I struggled between enjoying the spectacular view and keeping my children away from the edge. Very little of the Grand Canyon has railing or fencing that keeps children safe from falling over, which made for a very nervous daddy of four. However, I still managed to capture several images of God’s handiwork. I’m looking forward to future trips with the children that expose them to the majesty of God’s creation, and of course, a chance for me to photograph it. Enjoy the images…



“I do” in the southwest

Destination: Mesa, Arizona

Purpose: Family wedding

Attending: the whole family!

I really enjoy the opportunity to photograph in a new location, then again, what photographer doesn’t. My wife’s niece, Kayla, was getting married which allowed for the whole family to attend the event. So after several days of packing we left So. Cal and headed to the Phoenix area. I have to say, Kayla made me feel, well, a little old. I’ve known her since she was a little girl, how was it possible that she was getting married.  The Arizona desert made for a beautiful backdrop for Kayla and her groom, Kyle. It was a beautiful wedding and thankfully the weather was about 20 degrees cooler than is typical for that time of year.

An additional blessing, my wife Kelly was by my side as my second shooter. Kelly has helped me before, but it has been a few years since we’ve enjoyed the opportunity. It’s a good thing she’s my wife, because she just might give me a run for my money! She’s getting good, actually, really good.

The entire Johnson family extends their congratulations to Kyle and Kayla and prayers for a wonderful life together. Enjoy some of the images from their day…